Making Yummy Vanilla Cupcakes...


When I wrote my book "A Decade of Cake", I was determined to keep it as simple and user friendly as possible. When you have been making the same thing, day in day out for ten years it is easy to take some of the key stages in baking for granted as they become second nature.

Although we have had lots of people experimenting and sharing great results with us, there have also been a number of questions regarding all three stages in making a cupcake; baking, making icing and piping. Sometimes, rather than describing how to hold the piping bag, it's easier for people to see it being held and for that reason I decided to video myself making a batch of cupcakes.

I have split it up into three videos; one for baking, one for making the icing and one for piping.

Although I am completely new to the process of both filming and editing video, it was fun and I hope you find them helpful :-) Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, or suggestions for further videos.

Jen X




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