Welcome to our website - the story so far!

What a wonderful year it has been! A wedding, a baby and a book :-)

As many of you know, I started the Yummy Cupcake Company in 2006, newly returned from an internship in New York. For 10 years we baked a delicious range of cupcakes, traybakes and scones which we sold from our market stalls in Lancaster and various universities in the North West as well as our café and bakery in Lancaster. It was a very happy and busy time, but when I became pregnant I decided to hang up my apron to concentrate on my impending arrival. Anxious that the recipes not be lost and keen to share my secrets, I started a Kickstarter campaign and raised the money needed to produce and print a recipe book.

Sam was born at the end of May 2016 and soon after, whilst he was snoozing, I started typing! At the end of August, I did a big bake and asked Lucy Barden Photography to take photos for the book. Lucy has taken photos for us at various stages over the years, so it was great that she agreed to be on board again. The majority of the pictures in the book are down to her.

Additional photos and design elements came from Hotfoot Design who were key in developing the popular Yummy Cupcake branding and design, when we first opened our shop and ecommerce website.

The following couple of months were extremely hectic as I tested and triple tested, read and re read and then asked others to do the same! After being let down by a couple of printers, we found MTP Media in Kendal. They were fantastic to work with and ensured a quick turnaround, meaning that I was still able to get books delivered in time for Christmas...

So far we have sent books all over the UK as well as to the USA, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland, Greece and Nicaragua, I can safely say that the Yummy Cupcake Company had an international reach!

With hundreds of books now shipped out, it is great seeing all the cakes baked by young and old alike. Please keep sending in pics of your creations or share them on Facebook :-)

Now the book is available to buy on its own special website and I also plan to sell some cakey accessories like cupcake packaging. I aim to blog as regularly as I can and will be sharing some tips, tricks and recipe ideas via our newsletter so don't forget to sign up!

Thank you for taking the time to read this first blog post and happy baking! x

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